Why We Are Different

With a focus on energy efficient, healthy homes and buildings, we focus on fulfilling and even exceeding your expectations!

Our principal architect, Richard Van Dorp’s love affair with building began at the tender age of 12, when he designed and constructed a 20 square meter workshop in the back yard using materials from a demolished house.

My family all thought I’d go on to be a successful builder and had a building apprenticeship lined up for when I finished year 10 with an Uncle – but i had other ideas. Although the apprenticeship would have been great, it wouldn.t have given me so much opportunity to design buildings and deep down, that was the part I loved.

He worked on farms to pay for university and graduated from the university of Aucland. After graduating, he travelled extensively and experienced first-hand the design and used in different countries and climates where people do not have heating or cooling to compensate for poor design.

Richard decided to draw on this extensive knowledge and specialise in energy efficient building and Passive Solar Design, which is the heating and cooling of buildings using only nature’s resources.

Moving to Australia, Richard provided his expertise to a drafting service before finally working with an Australian architect and achieving registration. During that time, he became interested in healthy buildings, as he lived in a poorly designed home built with toxic materials that aggravated Asthma and allergies in his children. It made him determined to focus on planning homes that encouraged healthy living.

As a practical hands-on architect, who just loves experiencing the environment first hand, Richard has fostered a culture of excellence at Van Dorp Architects. Builders who work with the company know our projects are expected to be delivered on time and on budget – without any shortcuts attempted.

We focus on fulfilling and even exceeding your expectations.

So contact us now, for peace of mind knowing your renovations are properly designed and managed – and you will have a home you can be proud of and one that will appreciate in value much faster than the homes around it.

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